Finishing my PhD in lockdown

Selfie of Fiona in a mustard yellow top smiling and waving

I’ve been neglecting this site of late – apologies! Quite a bit has happened since my last post – global pandemic and protests against racism aside. I’ve written my thesis, defended it, corrected it and now I’m waiting for the official bit of paper that tells me I can go by Dr. Scott!

After moving home at Christmas I was focusing on writing up my PhD thesis at the start of the year. Little did I know when I said “bye for now” to my colleagues in December, it would be the last time I saw them for some time.

Rather than rehash how the escalating events of the Covid-19 pandemic affected my PhD, I thought I’d reshare some of the posts I wrote for other blogs who kindly asked me to share my experiences:

PhD Women Scotland: I had almost finished my thesis. Then Covid-19 happened.

University of Sussex Research Hive: Viva via Zoom

Soph Talks Science: How I Prepared for my Virtual Viva

Fiona sitting on a grey sofa smiling with a cup of tea after just defending her PhD virtually

So what now with “The Chemistry of a PhD”? It’s time to start wrapping up! I’m not planning a rebrand to “The Chemistry of a Postdoc” so I’m going to write a few more posts that I hope will be helpful resources for other PhD students, before moving on to new pastures but you can still find me at…

…my NEW WEBSITE! I want to keep writing about science and other things but this blog isn’t the best place for non-PhD stuff so please head to to find more of my writing from across the internet.

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