Reflections on first year

I am coming to the end of my first year at the SDDC and have been thinking a lot about what I’d like to do differently in my second year. I’ve achieved some of the primary aims of my project, but not all of them. This was due to collaborators and things outside my control so I’m not too hung up about that. I made some compounds and some preliminary data showed some of them bind to the protein I want them too and have an inhibitory effect. Win!

Here are 5 things I will do differently next year:

  1. Read more papers. My lit reading is so inconsistent and I’d like to change that. I’ve set up a Feedly account where I receive RS feeds from big papers I read from. I’d also like to attempt the #365papers challenge ad keep track of my reading via twitter.
  2. Make more compounds. My lab skills have accelerated a lot this year and hopefully that means I’ll be able to churn out more compounds.
  3. Be more selective in the seminars I attend. While it’s useful to attend seminars and classes in and outside your field, more often than not I’ve found myself way in over my head in a seminar I perhaps only understand the first 10 minutes of. Perhaps I should just google the speaker, read a bit about their group/institute/work then decide to go.
  4. Attend more conferences. I only attended in-house symposiums in my first year. Illness meant I missed an RSC Chemical Biology conference in June and I was too late to attend a postgrad one next month in Oxford.
  5. Use this blog more. I have been neglecting “the Chemistry of a PhD” and need to recitify that.

Here’s hoping you’ll be hearing from me more often on here.

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